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By Nir Nave

Truth is, there is prime,

On 13, Jul 2010 | In Uncategorized | By Nir Nave

Truth is, there is prime, and then there is prime. When buying beef, the consumer sees only three USDA grades: prime, choice and select. Select is poor quality. No, disincentives like getting crappier care at a government hospital and going into debt/bankruptcy. The mandate penalty was artificial disincentive, created as a legal weasel move to force people to participate in the government plan. People who are pro ACA support it, but just remember that you’re allowing the government to force people to do things via backend penalties disguised as taxes.

I was about to tell you the story of my humble first fish of 2012 that followed hard on last post fiasco. But today outing takes the cake. And the saying I favored in grad school works just as well for fishing, it turns out: many fiascos so little time.

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Dealership owner Tom Brake is one of the newest people to join the group of Flathead Valley residents who are fighting back against a dramatic increase in thefts. Brake says he feels violated. This is the second time thieves have targeted his business.

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